gUNA YALA Island Panama

Who we are 

Founded in 1991 by Jeronimo De La Ossa and his wife,

a Guna indigenous family from Achutupu community Guna Yala,

currently completely renovated in a more colorful and cheerful way.

We do not specialize in luxury services but we do try to have

the basic needs for your visit in Guna yala,

with bathrooms and private cabins.

It is operated by his daughter Yariela De La Ossa and

a local Kuna group, it is located on a private island

in the Caribbean Sea from Panama.

The 5 cabins, built with traditional style on the island have a

fully equipped bathroom and comfortable double

beds with mosquito nets. Enjoy the view from your

own private terrace, which looks out over the sea towards the jungle.

How to get to our island

We have 2 options to get to our island from Panama city to Achutupu guna yala. 

Option #1 flight from PANAMA CITY: 

The transportation to and from the Achutupu airport Community is by boat and lasts approximately 10 minutes. It is reached through the Achutupu airport. You can take a flight from Panama City to Achutupu .The cost of the airfare is not included but we can help you book the flight from Panama city to Achutupu Guna yala Community. 

Prices aprox : $210 round trip per person 

Option #2 BY CAR AND BOAT: 

If it is by land, it must be done with a 4x4 car and it is by road to the port of Cartí and then you must take a boat that lasts approximately 4 hours to our island, we can help you with the booking. 

Prices aprox : $190.00 round trip per person 


You will enjoy it!

San Blas Comarca Guna Yala. You will enjoy it.

For more information contact us at call us at (507) 6090-8990 also Whatsapp or SMS.